The Eggshoot was a huge success!

Many thanks to ScottMilk9 and Specialized Dynamics!
They provided the winner of the Eggshoot a new AR 15 Rifle! thumbup

The Range....

Those eggs are sure small at 150 yards... wink

Firing line with guys ready to compete!

Pictures of the awards for the Champion (DesertRam) and the Will Craig Award. (Rick Robbins)
Second Place with a FoxPro caller won was BCBuck, and Third Place went to Old Turtle!

Those guys can shoot!!

After the Eggshoot, the guys from POF USA & Specialized Dynamics had a "Ride & Drive" that allowed members to shoot those fine AR-10's and AR 15's.
I was thrilled to run some ammo through courtesy of UltraMax Ammo! thumbup

Guys at the firing line of the "ride & drive"!

Again, a very BIG thanks go to Scott, Mo, POF USA, Specialized Dynamics, and UltraMax! thumbup1

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