Sunday 10th- Members arrive throughout the entire event. You can start hunting. The main events don't take place until Wednesday.
If you need a gathering/information area, the breakfast room at the Comfort Inn is the place to be in the evenings.

Wednesday 13th
Place: Breakfast Room Comfort Inn
Time: Dark Thirty-
Event: Orientation.
This is when we will have NM Game and Fish Officer for a Q&A Session. We will also decide on a nice place to eat and go invade one of the local Resturants.

Thursday 14th
Place: New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum
Time: 7:00 pm
Event: Dinner
Presentaion: Non-Attendee Raffle, Live Auction for Attendees, Round Table....This will be a Q&A session with some of the better known names in the predator hunting sport. Example-Byron South, the Predator Pursuit boys, Tony Tebbe, and perhaps another couple of participants.
These guys know how to call predators, so pick their brain!

Friday 15th
Place: New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum
Time 7:00 pm
Event: Dinner
Presentation: Guest Speaker-Byron South
Byron South will speak to our crowd on Friday night, so, get ready to learn something and be entertained.

Saturday 16th
Place: TBD-
Time: 1:00 PM
Event: 2010 Predator Masters Eggshoot
Bring that rifle out and win a new Specialized Dynamics AR-15, or other prizes and awards!

Time: 7:00
Event: Main Banquet
Presentation: The fabulous 2010 Predator Masters Raffle!
Awards Presentation- We will know and recognize the Will Craig Award winner.
Special Events- Many ways to win lots of valuable prizes!

As with all events beginning on Thursday through Saturday, Door Prizes will be awarded. So, be in ATTENDANCE to score with some very nice prizes!

Sunday 17th

We will wrap up our stay and those that still wish to can hunt.

For those who have to pay at the event, please find myself, or Randy Black to make those arraingements. Payments for the Eggshoot can be made at the Event. Extra raffle tickets, and special events entry can be made the night of the event, like the extra tickets you may want before the raffle starts, for example. Predator Masters shirts and other items will be for sale during certain events.

As always, if you need information, maps, or assistance, Myself or another moderator from Pm will be readily avl. to help or answer your questions throughout your stay!

Events will be posted at the lobby of the Comfort Inn & the Sleep Inn. Look for the dry-erase boards there. These boards may also contain room numbers, contact information, and changes to the schedule if needed, so check it often.

I look forward to seeing everyone down there!
FoxPro FieldStaff
Benjamin Hunting ProStaff
Coyote Light Prostaff