If you are looking to sell your custom calls here at PM in the Custom Call forum, you will need to set up a custom call account.

You can do this by sending an email to KERRY CARVER: CARVERCALLS@YAHOO.COM, letting KERRY know your intentions, and supplying the following information:

Screen name:



Phone number:

e-mail address:

Name of your call company if you have one

A Custom Call Making account (HOB for the Hobbyiest) is $125.00 dollars annually and can be handled through our shopping cart.

Once we have all of your information, and payment is made in the Shopping Cart (contact KERRY CARVER if you need to use a check) we will get you set up.

If you choose to pay by check, please notify KERRY CARVER, and make check payable to:

Predator Masters, Inc.,
380 East 400 South
Ephraim Utah 84627

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"Predator calling has produced some of the most spectacular misses I have ever witnessed." ---- Fred Cronk