Predator Masters is excited to announce our newest level of sponsorship!

Premium FIXED Position Banner Sponsorship

This new level of sponsorship is available to ALL potentially new and existing Predator Masters sponsors.

The Premium banners will be located at the top of an available forum of your choosing, and will be a larger banner than the standard rotating banners.

For example...

PREMIUM Banner size, Nightforce FIXED atop the Home Page, the Forums page & Optics forum:

Standard Rotating Banner size:

The Fixed position Premium banners will be in place for 1 year, and that sponsor will have first right of refusal after the year is up.

Rotating banner sponsorships will continue as per usual, at a cost of $650.00 per year.

Premium FIXED Position Banner sponsorships will be $1900.00 per year.

*Premium FIXED Position Banner sponsorships are only available in conjuction with the standard Rotating Banner Sponsorships. By purchasing the PREMIUM banner, the standard is also included for the $1900.00 annual fee.

If you would like to take advantage of this new level of sponsorship, please contact me, JEFF MOCK, by simply clicking this link...

Please drop me a line if you have any questions at all.


Jeff Mock

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