Hobby Call Maker And Banner Sponsor Definitions

( HOB) Hobby call maker.

Hobby call maker means just that, making calls in your spare time as a hobby.

You are ineligible for this account if

• Your calls are for sale in a retail store.
• You produce production calls, Molded, Cast, CNC machined or Plastic injected. Weather they are for sale on predator Masters or Not! You are in production if you make one or a thousand and no longer fall under the Hobby Call Maker category!
• If you sell Call making supplies, Tone boards call bodies ECT.

HOB call Makers

• May produce a molded tone board as long as they don’t sell one outside a hand turned call body, turned by them.
• May have a website link in their sigline.
• May sell hand turned calls for sale in the custom calls forum and handmade items such as Lanyards, Knives, Ect. Under Custom Hunting Accessories.
• May have a call they have built in their Avatar.
• May have a non rotating banner in their sigline but it cannot be linked to a website.. Banners cannot be larger than 468x60 pixels

Banner Sponsors

• May advertise in all forums except the Classifieds.
• May produce and sell call making supplies.
• May have a Rotating Banner with a web link in their sigline and a rotating banner on the main page.
• May sell in retail stores.
• Banner sponsors have their own forum to showcase products
• Banner sponsors can produce production calls. There is a forum set up just for production calls.

If you have any questions, Please contact carvercalls or cbosshog79

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Please forward any sponsoring questions to Jeff Mock at sponsorships@predatormasters.com Please forward any questions pertaining to the HOB Sponsorships to Kerry Carver (carvercalls) carvercalls@yahoo.com
We will be available to help with your HOB or Banner sponsor needs as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Thank You,

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