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#1224024 - 02/18/09 08:54 PM Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 (PARTs 2 -4 ADDED)
knockemdown Offline
suburban redneck

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 4744
Loc: NY
Hey guys!
Looks like it's my turn to share about an unforgettable week spent chasing predators before & during PM's annual Globe Hunt. Rifledog Ted did super job in his post, and my hope is to merely compliments his story. So here we go!

Flew into Vegas on Sunday where Kerry Carver and Tim (Rifledog) were waiting to get underway. Quick stopoff to change into camo and off we went!
The weather was kinda "iffy" with intermittent rain and plenty enough wind to make things interesting, but we got a few stands in Nevada anyway...

Kerry called one in on our 2nd stand, but it dropped into a wash and never re-appeared. Holy SCHNIKIES, we already called one in though!!!
On the way to stand #3, Kerry mentioned that I should give the yotes "some of that New YAWK accent" so it was my turn to call. The rain had been coming down pretty good, so the camera stayed in the truck. Too bad, since 15 seconds into my first series, here comes Mr. Wiley himself bounding over the hill!!!

Now here I am, less than 3 hrs off the plane & living a dream hunting with the legendary Kerry Carver and my new friend Ted! And here comes a hard charger coming to my first call!!! Man my heart is just pounding with excitement as the distance quickly closes between Mr. Wiley and my 6x45...

Well it's a good thing that Kerry started barking to stop him 'cause it snapped me back into reality and I knocked that dog down at maybe 20yards. I was so pumped and high 5-ing Kerry that I didn't see the yote get up and try to get away, despite being significantly ventilated via 60gr HP. Good thing Ol' Ted was on him and he dropped him for good with his trusty A-bolt in .223! Chalk up # 1 for the trip!!!

Next day, we woke up in AZ to honest 20-30knt winds and cold temperatures. First two stands produced nothing, so Kerry decided to get the FX5 cranked up to try to cut through the wind. Well, that worked out well and we got one coming good now! Ol' Ted had his x-hairs on the dog and waited for the OK from Kerry and put one into him at about 90yds. Even though the shot looked perfect, that dog ran off like a scalded cat! Luckily, I got the 25Wizzer on him and caught up to him just inside 150yds, making for a barrel rolling finish to that hunt. #2 down!

The weather really turned to crap with the rain switching to snow and beginning to accumulate. Called on more dog in the afternoon to about 250yds where he checked up and turned tail. I let one rip as he darted throught the snow covered cactus at about 300yds, but airballed that one...

Next morning we wake up to snow that had the local highways crippled ovenight and the coyotes completely boogered out. Nothing showed, desite our best efforts with Jedi Master Caller Kerry and Young Apprentice Ted wailing on the open reeds. It was my fault, since I must've dragged that snow out west with me
Didn't hardly matter to me, as I was absolutely having the time of my life on stand with great new friends

We hunted our collective rear ends off the whole day, but just couldn't get into the game again. Kerry is a friggin' DYNAMO and we were layng down stands with reckless abandon. Still no dogs to show for our hard work but the fast growing friendship developing with my new hunting buddies had me feeling so very lucky and thankful for all that is wonderful in Life.

That, my friends, is what hunting is all about...

To be cont'd...

Edited by knock'emdown (02/21/09 10:44 AM)

#1224025 - 02/18/09 10:11 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: knockemdown]
jimanaz Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/30/05
Posts: 1941
Loc: Phx, AZ
I've been waiting for you to get busy Freddy. Don't make us wait too long for the rest of the installments.

There's nothing like that "excellent" feeling, huh?

I'm disappointed that your "greatest coyote shot of all time" didn't get immortalized on film. Might be just as well that Kerry wasn't packing the camera that day, sometimes things just aren't meant to be. I know he could have doubled the price on that DVD for me and I would have happily paid it. The shot is one thing, but the reaction had to be PRICELESS. I bet a lot of editing would have been required.

It was good to see you again.
Besides the whiskey, we'll have a little respect.

#1224026 - 02/18/09 10:24 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: jimanaz]
venatic Offline
Retired Moderator

Registered: 06/11/03
Posts: 6992
Loc: In the right lane
Thats the first i have heard that yall did not get "the greatest coyote shot of all time" on video. Dang it i was looking foward to seeing that DVD too. Oh well being at the Globe hunt and hearing the story firsthand was pretty darn cool.
"Anyone taking up handloading necessarily plays with unknown factors and takes chances. But so does anyone who drives a car,goes to a cocktail party,eats in a restaurant,or gets married."

Jack O'Connor 1963

#1224027 - 02/18/09 10:34 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: venatic]
rainshadow1 Offline
Custom Call Maker

Registered: 12/22/05
Posts: 5107
Loc: Washington State
The "teakettled" one above will be enough for me to send Kerry a paypal when it comes out! Good Stuff, Fred! Looking forward to the rest of the story...

RainShadow Game Calls & Custom Knives,
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#1224028 - 02/19/09 07:45 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: rainshadow1]
knockemdown Offline
suburban redneck

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 4744
Loc: NY
Thanks guys!
Here comes Part 2...

Got up on Wednesday morning with plans to pick up my roomie, Steve (Rainshadow), at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport then continue on to globe to meet up with the rest of the PM gang...

On the way, we stopped for a stand but nothing showed. Shortly thereafter, I spotted a coyote just off the highway and we grabbed the next road off to try to get around on it and feed it some lead. Kerry found a good spot to ditch the truck and we snuck into maybe 300yds of where I saw the yote last...
Naturally, we all set up facing in that direction anticipating a quick response and shot opportunity. But after ten minutes, nothing showed! Hmm, can't believe that! However, on the short walk back to the Dodge, Kerry noticed a FRESH set of coyote tracks not 15FEET from where I was sitting, right over my left shoulder
So I guess I boned that one My bad... OH yeah, we better go pick up Steve now!!!

So we were only about an hour late picking Steve up, but hoped he'd understand, considering the circumstances . Steve had changed into camo and was easy enough to spot in the crowd. Collectively, we looked like some kind of anit-terrorist task force toting gun cases and other misc. paraphernalia from the scene. OFF WE GO TO GLOBE!!!

We stopped on some BLM land along the way and Ol' Ted called a yote into about 50yds in the thick cactus. Kerry was the only one to see him, but the Fireball was in the Dodge, lucky for Mr. Wiley! I just couldn't get a visual before it melted back into the prickly stuff...

We stopped and hit a couple more stands to kill time before "check-in", but no takers came a-runnin'. Enjoyed the time getting to know Steve along the way. He fit right in and rounded out over diverse band of coyote hunting racsals nicely!

Stopped at Irene's for lunch and met up with RanUtah Redfrog and Mr & Mrs. Rockinbar. COOL! We are HERE!!!Finally got over to the hotel, but spent almost two hours in the parking lot visiting with other PM members who were just pulling in as well. We were all standing around like a bunch of vagabonds leaning on suitcases and smoking cigars. Good stuff right there!!!

Thursday broke clear and we got after the yotes in earnest. I don't know how many stands we did, but it was ALOT and we covered a TON of ground. Just couldn't get a yote to come, but us four stooges were having a good ol' time!!! We couldn't get to where we wanted to, thanks to the roads being the consistency of Louisiana Gumbo. Kerry did add a few hundred pounds of muck to the wheel wells of the Dodge along the way. thursday night, we met up with everyone at the Pavilion and listened to one of the Res' Wildlife Techs. Very informative...

Friday, we broke out early again with Steve going for big cats with Ragn'. The three amigos called in two bobcats for the day, but no shots were fired. Met up with Clint & Kelly way back in the prickly stuff and b.s.'ed for a while. Lots of ground covered again, but no yotes...
Friday night, Jay Nisetter spoke about some type of disease most coyote hunters develop, but I wasn't really paying attention . He gave us these cool "good luck charms" and I put one in each pocket for the morning. Little did I know how well those friggin things WORK!!!

To be cont'd...

#1224029 - 02/19/09 08:02 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: knockemdown]
carvercalls Offline

Registered: 07/27/06
Posts: 13693
Loc: Utah
Super play by play Fred. It was awesome to hunt with you Ted and Steve. I really hope we can all do it again next year I really wished we would have got your 550 yard shot on film that shot will be burned in my mind forever There were allot of high 5's happening on that trip that's for sure It was an unforgettable trip.. Kerry
_________________________ (Hand Crafted In The USA)

#1224030 - 02/19/09 12:59 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: carvercalls]
knockemdown Offline
suburban redneck

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 4744
Loc: NY
Still smiling thinkng about last week. Surely it was an unforgettable time!
Just consider me your East Coast "hired gun" I'm just one phone call away...

Here's PART 3...
Saturday morning, we got after them again and this time we got a few fired up! Steve was chasing big kittys again, this time with a local guide. All day long, we all kept hoping that he'd get his cat! So the three stooges were at it again...

Third stand again(sensing a pattern here) and we have a couple threat barking behind us. Of course, they came from the opposite direction, saw the truck & melted back into the canyon. We heard at least three different dogs barking...

We jumped in the truck to try to circle around them. Got pulled over & one yote was still barking right next to the truck! Silly me suggested that we just walk over & shoot him, since he sounded so close. So off we go, with no seats & no shooting stix...

Well, that was a dumb idea on my part, 'cause ol' Kerry howled back at that bugger and a whole friggin' pack of yotes answered back! Now here we are sitting on our butts with no gun rests pinned down on this side hill with the Sun shining on us. Oops!

Kerry proceeded to fire those yotes up to a fever pitch and they were running back & forth through the mesquite & cactus full of pi$$ and vinegar. I counted four different dogs, but was hamstrung without a good rest to shoot from and they were 350yds+ out across the canyon. Kerry tried luring one out into the open, but we could only see a quick glimpses of the loudmouth coyote. I touched a shot off at about 400yds using the nearest mesquite tree as an improvised rest. At the shot, coyotes were darting everywhere! Kerry tried a long shot too, but don't thin khe connected either. That shot shut them up for good so we went looking for bodies, but couldn't find any. Not sure if we did in fact get one down, it was soooo thick across there. So we moved along down the road to the next stand. Takin' a DP break at the Dodge...

Next stand ol' Ted was working the Rabid Extreme real well and here come three dogs!!! First one is dead center in the US Optics MOA reticle, but I see two more behind him, so I hold off in hopes of getting the rest to close the distance. The first one stopped pretty @ 150yds and Kerry's Fireball barked next to me. A MISS! Ted and me sent lead flying to no avail. Kerry instantly proclaimed that his gun was off so we went back to the truck and shot it. Indeed it was waay off. He had banged the scope pretty good earlier on the truck and that did the deed. Ted's calling was working like a charm, so off we go to the next stand...

Hopes were high, even with time running short to get to the Egg Shoot, that we'd get a yote down. Next setup, you could see forever. Ted fired up the Rabid XXX again and up pops a single yote waaayyy across the canyon. Must've seen something it didn't like, so it just kinda hung up out there. Ted kept calling, but it wouldn't budge. The coyote sat down and the Mexican standoff ensued...

Kerry said to me "go ahead & take a shot if ya have one". Well, I had one, and had my little dope card taped inside my rear scope cap to address such an opportunity. I asked Kerry if he thought it was 450 or better, and he said it's at least that far...

So I look a little more time to get real steady and cranked the USO up to 8X, just enough to see the yote clearly. All I could see was the neck & head over the ridgline. Went ahead & dialed the EREK knob 5.5MOA UP elevation from my 250yd zero and called the wind @ 8mph left to right.

Kerry was watching through his scope as I held off 4MOA with the reticle into the wind and touched off the Timney single stage. The 25Wizzer boomed and I watched the yote tip over through the scope!!! Half a second later, a resounding "WHHAAAP" echoed back across the canyon with the boom still reverberating around us. Kerry hollered "YOU GOT THAT SOME BEACH!!!" I popped up and threw my shooting sticks, in lieu of body tackling Kerry into the brush in excitement. Ted yelled that he just couldn't believe what he saw. To say that we were fired up would be an understatement!!!

Well, me & Kerry hopped across that canyon with Ted guiding us along. Sure enough, Kerry found that coyote laying flat with a .257" hole under it's left eye!!! Thank you very much, 75gr VMAX! Many high 5s commenced and I tried to range back to Ted with my mini Nikon 440. Couldn't get a reading, as it was too far, so we ranged our way back to Ted and came up with a distance of somewhere between 520 and 550yds. Wish I had my Leica to confirm, but that jives pretty well with the dope. It was AWESOME to see all that shooting at long distance come to fruition and I couldn't be happier!!!
Here's Ted & me with my Evil Camo'ed Wizzer...

One dry stand and we were off to the Egg Shoot...

To be cont'd...

#1224031 - 02/19/09 02:34 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: knockemdown]
freebm Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/02/06
Posts: 387
Loc: Central NY, Delaware County

Great read! Makes me feel like I was there. Gonna have to seriously consider making that trip. Sounds like a real blast.

Good shootin partner

#1224032 - 02/19/09 02:52 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: freebm]
rockinbbar Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 01/08/08
Posts: 10218
Loc: NM
You guys all had just too much fun!
Great write-up Fred, and THANKS for the 30mm mount!

It was great seeing you all there....

FoxPro FieldStaff
Benjamin Hunting ProStaff
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#1224033 - 02/20/09 11:55 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: rockinbbar]
RifleDog Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 05/09/08
Posts: 837
Loc: Southern Illinois
Great write up Fred. It was a blast and honer hunting with you and Kerry. We need to try to do it again next year


#1224034 - 02/20/09 09:41 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: RifleDog]
PM senior

Registered: 03/28/05
Posts: 9180
Loc: In the sage
So like a blast guys. Wish I could have made it down with Kerry,oh well next year!!
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#1224035 - 02/20/09 11:24 PM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: BOBTAILS]
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/16/04
Posts: 1161
Loc: Comanche OK
Fred you are a heck of a guy. I am proud to know you.

I am glad we bumped into yall on that hillside Friday morning. It was good to see Kerry again and meet Ted.

Catch you later
Killin coyotes is not chess its checkers…..don’t over think it.

Kelly Jackson - Foxpro Field Staff

#1224036 - 02/21/09 10:42 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: CAT DADDY COLD]
knockemdown Offline
suburban redneck

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 4744
Loc: NY
Likewise Kelly! I am proud to be a member of PM with all the great people here! I haven't met a PM'er yet @ Globe that I wouldn't call a friend...

OK, here's PART4, the final installment...

SO we're on the way to the Egg Shoot and I remembered that I had one of Jay Nisetter's "good luck charms" in each pocket. Although, I forgot they were there (A.D.D.???), they sure must've worked on that long shot! Hopefully, they'd still have some 'mojo' left to battle those terrifying eggs...

Met up with all the guys in the parking lot of the Miami Gun Club and visited a bit with some shooters...
Venatic, Kerry & Ted...

Shooters getting ready on the line...

I hit my 100yd egg on the first shot, and prematurely at that. Panic was already setting in! Hats off to thse guys who could stay steady on those devilish little targets!!!

It was good to see Ragn' get a couple shots in too, if only to keep Kerry company on the line...

The Shoot ended with an "Egg-off" and the shooters all eventually flinched at the 100yd line, but Jessie hit when the chips were down to walk away with the new DTECH rifle! Kerry took everyone else to school with his trusty 17Fireball. Yes, a 17Fireball! And Dave's DTECH in .20TAC impressed me so much that I just put my order in for one!
Here's your winners, right to left Jessie, Kerry & Dave...

The Banquet Saturday Night was a super success! The food was top notch and the company even better!!! I had a chance to b.s with my west coast desert "brutha froma nutha mutha" JIMAinAZ. He is a riot! And shared great conversation over dinner with CAT DADDY, Venatic, m-m-m-miss, AZMOOSE & SWsniper, as well. (I'll take you up on that Abert squirrel )
There were tons of awesome prizes to be raffled off and everyone in the room left with something. Special thanks to all the generous donators , and a personal thanks from me to Mike DTECH for putting up a new DTECH upper to be raffled off. I guess Jay's good luck charms still did have some 'mojo' left, 'cause I was holding the lucky 9 o' Diamonds to win that new upper!!! I still can't believe it!!!

Sunday, Steve & me had the special opportunity to hunt with Bearmanric. Well, Ric is an awesome dude! We spent the day together and I listened to those two extra talented call makers talk the talk while trying to absorb what I could. Another great day on the RES!

And on top of a great day afield getting to know Rick better, he graciously agreed to drop me & Steve off at Sky Harbor in Phoenix for our respective flights home. Thank youagain for that Rick!

And just like that, the week flew by. I was pretty sad to leave, but more so thankful to have spent some quality time with such quality people...the members and staff of Predator Masters! Like I said in my first post, THIS IS WHAT HUNTING IS ALL ABOUT! I'd share a stand with any of you, anytime!

My hat is off to all of you and I'm a better person for being a member here.

And thanks again to Kerry, Ted & Steve for putting up with my "new yawk" nonsense for the better part of a week...

See y'all next year, but hopefully sooner than that...

Best regards,

#1224037 - 02/22/09 12:24 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: knockemdown]
SW_Sniper Offline
New Member

Registered: 12/31/07
Posts: 19
Loc: Arizona
You are a great story teller Fred! I am glad you could make it this year and it was a pleasure seeing you again. I have enjoyed the company at the 2 PM hunts I've been to and plan on making the trip every year! It was a pleasure meeting Kerry and Ted also. They were a lot of fun to hang with! You guys make it comfortable for women to hang out with you and share our stories too! I plan on using Kerry's call this coming week and I'll post pics of what responds. I've been practicing the sounds of a fine meal for a predator - SW_Sniper style (someday you'll hear it and ask yourself... what the heck is making all that racket??!! )! You all take care and we'll see ya next year!

#1224038 - 03/04/09 10:22 AM Re: Fred's Excellent Adventure 2009 Part 1 [Re: SW_Sniper]
STS Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 08/19/08
Posts: 143
Loc: Seattle, WA

Great story and photos. Looks like I need to start planning a trip to AZ for next year. Sure looks like you gents a great time of it!
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