.20 NBT

Posted by: AWS

.20 NBT - 01/26/22 11:11 AM

I see a lot of recommendations for Barnes, V-max, BIB and Sierria's in 20 caliber, but not much for the 40gr NBT. I've been shooting them for abut a year and really like them, pluss I've been able to buy Blems which is nice. Anyone else have any experience with them?
Posted by: 204 AR

Re: .20 NBT - 01/26/22 11:27 AM

I used to shoot a bunch of the 32 nbt, when they were available and priced competitively. When Hornady came out with the zmax at such a good price I went with them for pdogs.
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: .20 NBT - 01/26/22 01:55 PM

I quit using the 40 NBT out of my 22" 20p, rib shots past 100 yards were exiting. I like them and the BIB bullet out of my 204R, figure the higher velocity is required. Both rifles have 1/10 twist barrels.
Posted by: B23

Re: .20 NBT - 01/26/22 03:59 PM

Haven't shot any 20 cal 40gr NBT's but I used to shoot a lot of 22cal 40gr NBT's in my 9tw 223 and they not only shot extremely well but were dynamite on coyotes.
Posted by: Coyotejunki

Re: .20 NBT - 01/28/22 11:28 AM

I used the 40 NBT's for a while out of my 20 Practical. They were accurate, but I went back to the 35 Bergers. I like the Berger for coyotes and such.
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: .20 NBT - 01/28/22 01:21 PM

I also went back to the Berger 35 for my prac. I'm shooting the practical with night vision. I still like the BIB 40 best out of my 204R.
Posted by: Coyotejunki

Re: .20 NBT - 01/31/22 12:09 PM

I have never tried the 40 BIBs
Posted by: Boomstick

Re: .20 NBT - 02/03/22 12:37 PM

shot the 32 and 40 with meh results out of my 20 Prac. might have some leftover if you're interested in trying them out
Posted by: varmit_master

Re: .20 NBT - 08/13/22 02:09 AM

I have several 250 boxes 40 gr bt. I never shot any. I am shooting 35gr and 40 gr berger hp.
Posted by: bogloss

Re: .20 NBT - 08/15/22 07:56 PM

Have two 20 prac that shoot the 40 gr NBT very good! The barrels are both 1/10 twist. I have taken several coyotes with the pair, most under a 100 yards longest just over 300. I shoot the blem bullets and cannot complain about the performance on coyotes.
Posted by: Rustydust

Re: .20 NBT - 08/18/22 01:29 PM

I have shot far more of the 32 grain Ballistic Tips in my .204 than the 40 grain ones because over 90% of my critter shooting is on ground squirrels. I have taken lots of prairie dogs and even rock chucks with the 32 grain and out to 400 yards or so they are my preferred bullet. Past that I like the 40 grain better but only a little bit. I have lots of them still because I used to buy them for $100 a thousand and stocked up. Man. Those were the days, eh?