Posted by: Machias

YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/16/02 08:07 PM

I just opened the mail and hit the jackpot!! I got drawn for a statewide Idaho non-resident hound permit. Pretty much every weekend from 1 Apr 2003 to 31 March 2004 I will be in the Idaho woods chasin bears, cougars, and bobcats. They only give out 70 permits for statewide and I got lucky enough to drawn one. Man am I stoked!! Fred
Posted by: cougerbait

Re: YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/16/02 10:05 PM

congrats Fred. The stars are shinning bright for you.
Posted by: NiteFright

Re: YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/17/02 07:49 AM

Best of luck to ya!
Posted by: Lost River

Re: YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/17/02 01:45 PM

YOU SUCK!!! I have been putting in for one of them suckers for 7 years now and nothing! Congrats to ya! Have fun, it could be several years before you get another!!! Be sure to post some pics of some bears up in the tree! Happy hunting, Casey
Posted by: Machias

Re: YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/17/02 07:22 PM

Then you don't want to hear that this was my first year applying! It's ok if I never draw again cause I'm moving 40 miles east in 2004 to Post Falls, ID and won't have to worry about drawing. I hope you get one next year.
Posted by: NiteFright

Re: YYYEEEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!! - 12/19/02 04:11 PM

Boy Machias, seems like you been bit real bad by the houndin bug good luck on the lions shoot a biggun!