National trappers convention

Posted by: spotstalkshoot

National trappers convention - 07/24/21 05:07 PM

I went on Friday there were supposed to be anti demonstrators, but saw none. Had a great time, lots of new and used traps for sale. I only purchased one, wanted to try a MB650 cast offset and the one hand trap setter. Did find a dealer that sold me a bunch of major name lures for 1&2 dollars a bottle. And a new working civil defense Geiger counter. Saw some old friends, didn't hear about any COVID losses.
Posted by: AWS

Re: National trappers convention - 07/25/21 03:30 PM

Glad you had a good time, I haven't been there since the 1980's.
Posted by: mulespurs

Re: National trappers convention - 07/27/21 08:15 PM

I bought some new wonder snares. Had a really good time. There was a lot to see. Maybe we can hold the coyotes we catch this year,not just have a frayed cable.
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: National trappers convention - 07/31/21 01:37 PM

I used to have the occasional loss snaring coyote. I added a swivel to the stake, no more losses.