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Jump to new posts Re: Bullet Choice? by JTPinTX @ 03/22/23 04:17 PM

I shoot lots of pigs at night using thermal. Mainly I use a 6.5 Grendel shooting 95 VMAX or 90 TNT. Way less juice than the Creedmore. Sometimes I use a 556 or a 300 HAMR. Put the bullet where it needs to go and pigs are generally pretty easy to
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Territorial Dispute by DoubleUp @ 03/22/23 03:41 PM

It fits our style of hunting quite well since we're mostly within 20 miles of home and drive on field roads and timber roads. Even in roads that are rutted somewhat, the narrower wheel base allows us to split the tracks often times without hitting t
Jump to new posts Re: Any love for the 308 by DirectDrive @ 03/22/23 03:36 PM

.308 will always have the love. The trend these days is to drive the long heavies faster than the .308 can, so it has fallen out of favor somewhat. Will I ever own one ? Probably not. 6.5 Manbun fills that niche for me.
Jump to new posts Re: Suppressing a 22-250 by skinney @ 03/22/23 02:26 PM

First I had a bit of accuracy issues with a couple of them, that I wasn't seeing in the 18"s. I did like the shorter carbine length. But ultimately I believe it's getting a bit short with the case capacity of the 250. Granted it's not much wh
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Oklahoma Common School lands. by 220_Swift @ 03/22/23 01:12 PM

Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeI was thinking the same thing ! Hello ! Hi Tim!!!
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Coyote Memory by derbyacresbob @ 03/22/23 12:25 PM

This thread reminded me of another story about another Lab. My rancher friend's Lab went coyote calling with us for a full day. He was a great dog and just stayed in the truck bed while we were calling coyotes. During that day I gave the dog some pe
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts Re: Calling sounds by K-22hornet. @ 03/22/23 12:16 PM

This time of year, I start a stand with a couple of howls, then sit and watch for about 5 minutes. If I have any action, it's usually 2 coyotes coming in, one will hang up as soon as they can see my position, with the mate coming in fairly fast and
Hand Calls
Originally Posted By: K-22hornet.One tip, eh? Take your handcall to a large State Park, or other area where hunting is not allowed. Call the coyotes there. Since they haven't been hunted, legally anyways, they should be easier to call. This allows
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Even number of coyote and trespassers tonight by lockrotor @ 03/22/23 11:51 AM

Trespasser and coyotes all in the same night, congrats.
I would rather knife fight a tiger.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Eye shine colors by SnowmanMo @ 03/22/23 04:56 AM

Also be aware that the bighter the light the brighter the eye shine...the glare can obscure their body as well as spook them off.
Predator Hunting 101
Jump to new posts Re: NO-NO's by SnowmanMo @ 03/22/23 04:51 AM

Good points...
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