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Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Night vision binoculars , cheap? by Kino M @ 03/25/23 10:51 PM

Save your money!
Jump to new posts Re: Welcome to your new forum by SnowmanMo @ 03/25/23 08:06 PM

I might see if Kino will do it.
Jump to new posts Re: $1500 bow worth it? by spotstalkshoot @ 03/25/23 05:27 PM

Shoot cheap arrows and accuracy declines especially with fixed blade broadheads, no matter what the bow cost.
Important Messages For All Members
Jump to new posts The changing face of Predator Masters by SnowmanMo @ 03/25/23 01:59 PM

As you may know, Predator Masters has been long in need of a facelift. Your BoDs and mods are painfully aware of the limitations of our software and webhosting. Currently your BoDs and mods are making progress on our "site migration" proj
Jump to new posts Re: Best Magazines for 6mm ARC by Bowhntr6pt @ 03/25/23 01:09 PM

I have these in 5-round and 10-round, they have been flawless. https://www.ammosc.com/categories/ar-15-magazines/6mm-arc.html The pic below shows a 6 ARC mag on the left (red follower) and a 6.5G mag on the right (blue follower). It appears the 6 A
General Sponsorship Updates & Announcements
Jump to new posts Sponsorship Information by SnowmanMo @ 03/25/23 12:12 PM

We are working on sponsorship tiers and we will be announcing information regarding sponsors soon. For anyone interested in finding out information on becoming an industry partner with Predator Masters please pm SnowmanMo or Skinney or any of your m
Calling In The East
Jump to new posts Re: SPRING ACTION by R. Toker @ 03/25/23 11:16 AM

I shot a female last night in eastern Ohio. Came in quick to JDP coyote serenade on my ICOtec outlaw. First kill with the new super Yoter 50. Amazing optic! Happened so fast I forgot to hit record. Hahaha lots of fun though
Jump to new posts Re: 22 Cal V Max Bullets by Coyotejunki @ 03/24/23 11:07 PM

Going a bit side ways here, It used to bother the crud out of me when I blew a chance at one, not so much now. I am just a sport hunter so the numbers are not as big a deal to me anymore unlike an ADC person. They have a different mission. If I don't
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Thermals on bolt guns by mdmorrow @ 03/24/23 11:00 PM

Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: What R Your 20 Prac accuracy loads by spotstalkshoot @ 03/24/23 10:50 PM

The Nosler 40 BT is a good bullet, will need a 1/11" twist or faster. Very accurate bullet.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: RS75 HD Thermal Thread by reaper4 @ 03/24/23 07:24 PM

The hybrid and thanks can’t wait to see the videos
Jump to new posts Re: What states made AR15 Illegal for hunting? by DirectDrive @ 03/24/23 07:15 PM

Originally Posted By: DirectDriveOriginally Posted By: DiRTY DOGOriginally Posted By: DirectDrive Yep, a CA compliant AR is a neutered POS, IMO. They must have a total length of 30 inches or more, regardless of magazine type No pistol grip that prot
Jump to new posts Re: Rem 600 223 by Moosetrot @ 03/24/23 07:02 PM

2milehighguy-No, I got it sometime in the mid to late eighties at a place called North Side Pawn in La Crosse. I looked at it for a couple months with a price of $265 on it. One day I got lucky and bought a Ruger 10/22 for $50 and took it and $100
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Coyote Scouting (The easy way) by OhioPredatorHunter @ 03/24/23 05:24 PM

Originally Posted By: derbyacresbobGreat video of some good looking country. For me scouting for coyotes is driving ranch roads looking for coyote scat! derbyacresbob, It doesn't matter the method of scouting, it's the end result that counts. F
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Chest Packs by baitpile @ 03/24/23 10:29 AM

Will do Snow. I agree on the contributions...thanks again all!!
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: MFK/NIGHT CREW/FOXPRO smash smash smash by Pirogue @ 03/23/23 11:10 PM

Thanks Torry for the sounds.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Do you paint your rifle for coyote hunting? by Coyote-conquest @ 03/23/23 06:09 PM

I've painted a few of my ARs. I'm not sure how much it matters. As far as people talking about wearing orange or red, I've always heard they can't see those colors and just show as shades of gray. Colors in the blue spectrum are a lot more likely t
Reloading & Ammo
There are so many powders that work good in 223 REM. I normally start with W748, Benchmark, AA2015, N133, N135 just to name a few. You are looking for a powder range where point of impact does not move all over the target. 3 shot groups working
Lions, Bears & Houndsmen
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone here? by Coyotejunki @ 03/23/23 05:19 PM

I may be getting a new pup in a couple months, my old arthritic Curr is a retired House dog now.
Jump to new posts Re: Best place to order a thermal by SnowmanMo @ 03/23/23 12:02 PM

Check out our sponsor UNV...https://ultimatenightvision.com/ I'm sure our new member UNV_Tmack can point you in the right direction.
Predator Hunting
"As long as there is lead in the air there is hope in the heart." Like Borkon said those of us who have been putting lots of lead in the air for many years have seen a thing or two. Way back in the day when I was in my mid twenties I dump
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro Mount Height Question by TXCOONDOG @ 03/23/23 09:08 AM

I forgot to mention that it has an EGW pic rail, I use an enlarged bolt knob, sits in a magpul hunter stock and the barrel profile is a varmit profile. From online pics, it looked like it had a large bell which is what lead me to ask. It will arriv
Jump to new posts Re: Savage axis bolt won't open by DAA @ 03/23/23 06:57 AM

Length is probably not the issue. If it's a difference in the brass, my money is on the web diameter. With the Win. probably being larger diameter at the head/web than the Armscor. If, that is the difference and the reason the Win. stuff is sticki
Jump to new posts Re: Qd mounts by alf @ 03/22/23 07:39 PM

All mine have Midwest Industries. I like that each lever has it's own slot for tightening. I have tested RTZ, and they work quite well. https://midwestindustriesinc.com/mi-30mm-qd-scope-mount. I had a couple sets of Burris PEPR QR mounts, they
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Yogi the Bear by alf @ 03/22/23 05:27 PM

I've always liked this one: https://youtu.be/8kjY9sKdHlY
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