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Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Want to know more about some of the big names? by SlickerThanSnot @ 2 minutes 9 seconds ago

the name heath baker rings a bell. refresh my memory, who is he?
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: steve criner & al morris still around? by BJJ223 @ 38 minutes 48 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: Coyote-conquest[s][/s][quote=BJJ223] There were a lot in the military who didn't want to take the shot. No different than the Anthrax and Small Pox when I was in. People were kicked out for refusing. It's either take it or you
Jump to new posts 300 Blackout Upper Build or Buy by TXCOONDOG @ 54 minutes 49 seconds ago

It's has taking me 10 years to come around to the idea. Mainly because I want to play with subsonic and my suppressor. I want a 16" barrel so I can also run supers too. I don't own any .223/5.56 uppers so I need to decide whether to build it o
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Re: Fox pro customer service???? by DesertRam @ Today at 09:28 AM

Your experience is uncommon based on what I've seen reported here. I say keep trying and give them a couple days. They didn't get their customer service reputation by ignoring issues for long, so I suspect you'll hear something soon.
Electronic Calls
Jump to new posts Re: What is your goto caller this season. by DesertRam @ Today at 09:26 AM

Originally Posted By: Kino MOriginally Posted By: SlickerThanSnotOriginally Posted By: kilk14I'll probably get banned for saying this but my go-to caller is still my Wildlife Technologies Mighty Atom. those days and those games are over. hopefully
The Church of The Painful Truth
Jump to new posts Re: Chinese Spy Balloon??? by SixsixtyMags @ Today at 09:25 AM

Also agree! Just maybe-------Xi to Biden-don't shoot down balloon until it finish mission, ok now shoot down balloon, look for deposit of 5 million USD in account for Hunter painting!!!!! They are now saying a U-2 was surveilling it, maybe it was ja
Jump to new posts Re: One caliber for all? is it possible? by Meyerwy @ Today at 09:05 AM

I sure like those 204 Rugers. Shot a BUNCH of Praire Dogs and a few coyotes, on the coyotes I did not experience major fur damage, primarily use 32gr. Vmax about 3940fps, if I was going to target coyotes, I would move up to 39gr SBK or 40gr Vmax ( if
Predator Hunting
Been attacked three times and killed nearly 100 dogs in the last two years... rough homestead.
Predator Hunting
Originally Posted By: Tim NeitzkeNever came back to this one,yet starts another just like it. Frustrating ain't it! I also see people come here and post videos and hero pics that immediately disappear or barely even thank guys for complimenting as
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: * give us reprieve * by 204 AR @ Today at 12:01 AM

Holy cow that's a pile of fur, good work! I wish I could get a quad to cooperate like that sometime! And yeah, I've hit wires; I carry a stretcher and length of wire to fix small problems like that. I also send videos to landowners, they seem to t
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: This peeves me! by Kino M @ Yesterday at 11:21 PM

Originally Posted By: 22magnum22Follow up on my original post. The VA has just issued a statement for veterans to be aware and wary of lawyers pushing them to use their services to acquire compensation for all benefits available to them under the PAC
Jump to new posts Re: Thermal Scope Mounting Trivia by spotstalkshoot @ Yesterday at 11:15 PM

No, I think you need a flat (0 moa) rail.
Jump to new posts Re: Any love for the 308 by hm1996 @ Yesterday at 11:12 PM

Quote: This week I just received an AR-10 in .308 win. I could have gotten it in 6.5 Creed but stuck with the .308 Winnie. Haven't shot the AR-10 yet, but I'm looking forward to it I looked for quite a while for a .308 Mod 100 before giving up and g
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Baiting by weekender @ Yesterday at 10:41 PM

CONGRATS on the duce DU, thanks for the video. Fine shooting.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Bait Pile Double by DoubleUp @ Yesterday at 09:47 PM

Thanks 6, but you're way too kind.
Night Calling
Watched it last night, good stuff and great shooting.
Hunting Suppressed
Never seen a gun not RTZ when taking the can of and on over and over. Remember your bench procedure how you test your rifle and how it rides the bags will affect POI. This is probably what some are seeing. Every rifle I have seen shoots better
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Another kid attacked by a lion by Jim Byers @ Yesterday at 09:26 PM

Congrats. 223 is more than enough for lions.. I've seen my share taken with a single shot with a 22 mag.. We treed and freed another Tom saturday.. favorite time of year.
Jump to new posts Re: Had a ND this morning by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 09:23 PM

glad to hear everyone was ok and the only harm was minor to some stuff thats relatively replaceable.
Jump to new posts Re: 80 % lower by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 09:18 PM

several. i was lucky to have access to one of the nicer router jigs out there. makes them easy as long as you dont try to rush things.
Hunting Suppressed
Jump to new posts Re: Barrel Threading Service by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 09:18 PM

Originally Posted By: TonesterADCO out of Ohio. I read about them for years and used their service for some other work. I was happy. TC they've done all my barrels so far, including my WOA, which shoots better than i do most days!
Jump to new posts Re: Bushmaster is BACK! by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 09:16 PM

Originally Posted By: VarminterrorSounds like - consistent with the Bankruptcy proceedings - a more accurate title for this thread would be: “Someone else is putting Bushmaster labels on AR’s again.” i see no lies. but by that premise, we havent s
Jump to new posts Re: Sierra 6.5 100 grain hollow points for Grendal by Plant.One @ Yesterday at 09:14 PM

mine doesnt like the 123gr sst's, but the ELDM do just dandy. eld-m/amax bullets have taken a lot of deer, including several for me, including this season's take.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Gunbroker scammer! by 204 AR @ Yesterday at 08:19 PM

Several weeks ago with some help from here I talked with the local sheriff, who is after this guy for much bigger fraud charges than mine, so he will get put away at some point. I should see my money back from the cc company also.
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Starline 6.8 SPC brass by Kino M @ Yesterday at 07:21 PM

Thanks for the heads up, you can also order directly from starline much cheaper, free shipping and no tax as well, they are currently taking orders and probably won't last long, the last time they ran 6.8 brass was about 2 years ago.
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