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Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: Hi! I’m new here. by Infidel 762 @ Today at 01:16 AM

This place has been missing an element of sarcastic humor… and spirited b mag threads of yesteryear
Varmint Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: Chucks by DesertRam @ Today at 12:23 AM

Nice shooting with a nice little rifle.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: The BAN is lifted! Good to be back. by DesertRam @ Today at 12:18 AM

Water under the bridge. Look ahead, not back.
Jump to new posts Re: Baiting by coyote_thumper @ Today at 12:06 AM

Thanks guys. It's bittersweet hearing you guys talk about wrapping up the season. I guess that gives you time to step back and make plans for the next season. Coyotes are open year round in WA (for now). I take them out to protect our domestic ani
The Great White North
Jump to new posts Re: Sad news by Yotarunner @ Yesterday at 11:20 PM

Aww man. That's so unfortunate. He will surely be missed.
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: Like going back in time... by Yellowhammer @ Yesterday at 11:12 PM

Good to see you back. I remember your moderator days. If I am not mistaken I am still using a lanyard you made and sent to me for my foxpro. Been a long time, and my memory might be off but I think that is right?
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: Passing of long time member Redfrog by Yotarunner @ Yesterday at 11:07 PM

So sad to hear this. I had the pleasure of meeting redfrog in passing multiple times at the grocery store of all places we would talk training labs and hunting coyotes in the parking lot. It was always a plan to meet for coffee to let the BS really f
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Double the Fun by DoubleUp @ Yesterday at 10:54 PM

It was so much "fun" that we did it again tonight. Will have to wait for my partner's video to post but here is a Phenom still of the pair (females) unbred. #4243 by Double Up, on Flickr
Jump to new posts Re: Leupold Target Dot reticle by AdamT @ Yesterday at 10:30 PM

Also found this searching google: •for the VX-2 6-18×40 the dot size is 0.5 inches at the distance of 100 yards at lowest (6x) magnification and 0.2 inches at 100 yards at highest magnification (18x). •for the VX-3 scopes with 6.5-20x magnificatio
Predator Biology
Jump to new posts Re: Dispersal by Yellowhammer @ Yesterday at 10:04 PM

Dispersal has to take place. For example if a territory was trapped out, it would remain empty if there was no dispersal. Studies have show that unoccupied territories are quickly repopulated as a result of dispersal. I know of a high fence prope
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Check out these BEAUTIES!!!! by SnowmanMo @ Yesterday at 08:23 PM

We are very excited to bring back our HOB call makers over in the Custom Calls for Sale in the Hand Call, Electronic Calls and Custom Call forum. Go check out what JTPinTX, our new HOB has to offer at: https://www.predatormastersforums.com/fo...570
Originally Posted By: erictFor you tripod users - do you generally try to mount the gun to the tripod at the gun's center of balance? Yes, mount it as close to balanced as you can. I use a leveling head and not a ball head. I got sick of wearing
Predator Hunting 101
Jump to new posts Re: The Birthday Coyote by weekender @ Yesterday at 07:45 PM

More good video and pics to go with the spot on shooting. Well done all around DU, THANKS.
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Please welcome, Night Vision Outfitters by SnowmanMo @ Yesterday at 07:38 PM

The BoDs and mods of Predator Masters are very pleased to welcome Night Vision Outfitters to the Predator Masters community. As we have stated, we are committed to bringing our members a broad range of information from our industry partners. The ad
Custom Calls For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: Aztec Gold spalted pecan set by AdamT @ Yesterday at 07:36 PM

Good looking set.
Predator Hunting
Jump to new posts Re: We Killed Them All. Predator Hunting: SUPPRESSED V by weekender @ Yesterday at 07:34 PM

Another awesome display of SKILLS. Both shooting and camera work were KILLER!
Reloading & Ammo
Jump to new posts Re: Lee perfect powder measure by SlickerThanSnot @ Yesterday at 06:56 PM

i have found the lee powder measure to be very accurate and repeatable. think you'll like it..
Hand Calls
Jump to new posts Re: 75 year old Bois de Arc call I made by lockrotor @ Yesterday at 06:11 PM

Very nice looking call. Someone going to be very happy.
Jump to new posts Re: Better Late Than Never..... by wildflights @ Yesterday at 05:09 PM

I like the possum pic. I have not seen a coyote and a possum on the bait at the same time. That would have been a conundrum around here. Possums are as high on the hit list as coyotes...but they're likely to hang around long enough to serve up se
Member Club House
Jump to new posts Re: Where did old HOM stories go? by flintrock @ Yesterday at 02:43 PM

Sure glad these are posted back up. Sit down to read a few last night and when I looked up at the clock it had been 2 hours already.
Predator Hunting 101
Jump to new posts Re: BEST LAID PLANS by SnowmanMo @ Yesterday at 01:31 PM

Originally Posted By: DoubleUpThanks, I don't really do any daytime hunting so I didn't know if you thought it wouldn't stop. Usually at night they will run a short distance and stop for a look back especially if they are sort of bouncing stiff-legg
Hog Heaven
Jump to new posts Re: What 6,8 SPC bullets you guys using for hogs? by Tonester @ Yesterday at 11:08 AM

Another vote for 120 SST. My second is a Barnes 110 TSX. TC
Predator Hunting
We all know there are several ways to work thru problems. Team work and great coms can move mountains, let's set fourth some goals that are obtainable, and bring the site to the top of the Varmint hunting community. I know we can keep the sponsors on
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Thermion 2 XP50 Pro.. Understanding The Settings by TXCOONDOG @ Yesterday at 09:55 AM

Tonight will be the first night out in the field with this device and I want to make sure I'm understanding the following features: Sensitivity Modes: Normal- For clear, cool and low humidity High- Cold/Warm/Hot and/or High Humidity Ultra- Cold/
Night Calling
Jump to new posts Re: Arca swiss in the dark... by limbhanger10 @ Yesterday at 09:13 AM

...I have an RRS leveling head and lock the gun in tripod at truck and throw it over my shoulder. I also have the same procedure steps unloading and loading gear into truck. And keep tripod protected from elements when traveling. Not to say I don't
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