Here's a set I just made. I have a request for a matched set, but didn't have the wood yet, so I made one for practice! (Got a beautiful piece of wood for the ordered set yesterday, so I'm on that next.)

This SET is a drop point skinner and an enclosed reed distress call.

The Call is Buffalo, Brown Mallee Burl, and Moose antler, tenon/laminated. Distress screamer, I can tune it low or high, buyer's choice.

The Knife is a customized high carbon Finnish Lauri, with Brass, black Mycarta, Brown Mallee Burl, and Moose Antler.

Enjoy a couple images!

Gonna put this set up for $150 and build a custom Kydex holster to order for the new owner. (I'm going to start doing the sheaths to order, because some want pack sheaths, some want right, some left, some cross, high, mid, low... some don't want sheaths at all... so now each sheath will be at the buyer's request.)


Thanks Guys!

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