The one thing you did not tell us is where you hit the hog. That has to play an important part in deciding how well the bullet performed. At any rate, drop em' right there performance with a .45 ACP on something as tough as a hog is fairly impressive. The pic's of the bullet are not so impressive. XTP's are tough bullets and hold together, maybe too well. I would not choose an XTP for self defense against human attackers because of this.

Then again, most low velocity handgun hollowpoint bullets are tested down to 850 fps for expansion. The +P Hornady 230 gr. XTP is listed as having a muzzle velocity of 950 fps. At 30 yards you may have been at/below the threshold of expansion for that bullet. In which case, while it did not expand, it did penetrate deep enough to kill the critter quickly. So in that way of thinking the bullet actually did fine.

One thing I think most of us would agree on, a sample of one is simply too little information to draw conclusions about the load in general. If I were hog hunting with a .45 ACP I would most likely look really hard at the Buffalo Bore 230 gr. truncated cone flat point FMJ +P load. My thinking is it would perform much like the LBT type hard cast bullets and penetrate deeply while cutting a decently wide wound channel, with enough bullet integrity to break a bone or two along the way. Ya know what? That load wouldn't expand either...
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