Winter snowfly, circa 1971.

Dad, Willard, Larry & I were out looking for coyote. We had along, Pokey[medium sized male Walker], Jack[large male Greyhound], Whitey[average sized, male 3/4 Greyhound, 1/4 Malamute] & a few other Greyhounds. All three of these hounds, were agressive hard fighters.

Dad, put Pokey on a fresh coyote track going down along a grassy creek. That neandered through a large timber patch to the East in the center of a mile section. Pokey had a heckuva nose, plenty of Brass & relentless. Pokey took off, running hot.
Larry had Jack in his 4x4 pick-up dump box alone. Larry drove out into the section 1/4 mi, to the NorEast of the timber et set a top of a high cropland hill. Scanning, waiting/looking for the push-out.

Dad & I sat to the NorEast corner of the section on the gravel. Willard, just to our South. Were all listening on the CB, for a report from Larry's view.
Minutes later. We here Larry. "Large coyote", running from the timber towards me"....pause...coyote is getting close, I'm going to dump Jack on him"...pause...

Jack, see's him, Jack is gaining...Jack caught him...long pause...there fighting hard...long pause...
Coyote has Jack down! GET OT HERE! Jack, needs help!...pause...Jack is running from the coyote! Coyote is gaining! Coyote caught Jack, their fighting hard!...Jack broke free, coyote coming your way.

Around a minute or so later, here comes this very large dark coyote. We all see him. Coyote crossed right in front of Dad & I. Greyhounds excited/barking. Dad pulls both dump-box cords. Out go the dogs.
The only Greyhound that seen the coyote[many small hills/blind spots]in the way, was Whitey. Whitey, is gaining. Whitey, rolled the coyote in a depression along the creek. Whitey & the coyote are both standing on their hind legs, mauling each other.

Coyote breaks free, runs a short ways. Whitey tackles the coyote. Both are rippin on each other furiously again. Were all out in the field trying to get the other dogs, to see the fight & help out Whitey. They can't see the fight. Finally, Whitey breaks free, he's had enough.
Coyote is walking now, a tough day for sure. I ask Dad, if I can run his track & kill him with my old SS 12ga smoothbore FC, useing 4-buffered Buckshot. He gave me the go ahead. I load up & take off on a fast trot[I was younger then] .
Coyote, maintained a good lead on me. But I was slowly gaining. I hear Pokey, sounding off coming from behind me .

Another 1/2 mile, Pokey bays the coyote against a barbed wire, their fighting off/on. I get pokey back. Bang! coyote down.

Female coyote weighed 47lbs. 47lbs of buzz-saw .