Yesterday I headed back down there I had been when Paint got hit. There were several coyotes down there, and sure enough I spotted one in the same corn field they were in last week. He went east, I went back in the field, and I saw a pair then. They went back west toward the blacktop. I get over there any they are about 150 off the road, just standing. Moe see's them out of the box. So I open both door and cast the hounds. Coyotes both just stand there. Anyway the north one breaks for it, and the hounds (all 8 including both pups) take after the north one. This section is about as open as we got, and they go though it like nothing. They cross the north road, then the west before I can even get up there, they must have still been looking at him. The pups got behind, but still were following the track out to the west road. Got them, so the other 6 were west and then went north before I got there. They got in there and made a pretty good loose for a while. Moe and Maggie seperated from them, but I got Maggie caught. Hawk, Smokey, Sissy, and Fireball came across the south road then at my truck, but I was too late to see the coyote. I put the pups back in then. The old hounds crossed the west road, plus the south road then before I could get there because I had to wait on a fertilizer spreader to fill up. My Jaucy pup came back then, but I caught Jasper trying to go west where I assumed the hounds crossed. They are in the section south then, I drive to the south road and hear them running going east. When I get to the east they are already across it. I head to the next east road, Hawk, Sissy, and Fireball are already across it. Smokey got behind for some reason. So I left him there and tryed to get ahead of the pack to put Maggie in with them. Ha, that didn't work. They had went though 2 more sections, and into the 3rd when I finally caught up with them. So they were back in the section where Moe was left earlier. Moe got with them then. I went back and caught up Smokey. Went back to the race then, and found Hawk, Moe, and Fireball were almost off the tracker way north. Sissy was still close and she came out to the truck then. The fur buyer stopped me and said he seen the hounds going north about 20 minutes ago, behind 2 deer. I said well I don't think they're running deer, they've been running a coyote for over 2 hours. Not sure if he believed me or not. I went north and at the north end of the next section I found them. I could here them baying off the west road. I knocked on the door of the house there and asked if I could drive in. They said their son was back in the field, that they had been having trouble with dogs getting after their cattle. I said well I think mine have a coyote caught back there. Sure enough when the son came back out he said they had a coyote caught back there and told us we could drive in there. I got there and emptied the box to the baying. The coyote broke out twice but he didn't make it very far. At least the pups got to chase the coyote around for a little bit, they seemed to like that. Anyway they got him down for the count and we got out of there and thanked them as we left for letting us go in there. The wind kinda made it hard to hear today, (and out of the east) but they ran good! Here are the pics.
The hounds plus the pups (top) getting in the picture.

They got him down now.

And of course the tailgate, with Jasper getting a good whiff of coyote!

That's #14 on the year, thats 1 more than last year. I don't know if I'll catch anymore this year or not, but I'm gonna try a few more times. By the way this was a male so it won't hurt the population any. See ya, MO
Some of the greatest sounds are running hounds! If you want hounds that fly, go ahead and buy July!