Baying or barking in town would be a bigger headache than that "pending divorce" but it sounds like collars would fix that .....

Maybe more collars would stave off a divorce? ..... LOL!! Just Kidding.

So far as the "fat hound" .... when you turn those hounds loose ... you might be glad one of them is FAT so you can get into shape .... NOT SAYING YOU ARE FAT .... it's just that a good inshape houndsman can walk a girraffe into the ground ......

Tell your wife this is fitness training .... having and hunting with hounds!

Oh and the kennel .... that's a must!

Build nice digs for your about to be new hounds and leave room for expansion. If you get hooked, you will need more young dogs before long and they will also need digs. And if your plan really goes "gunnysack" you will need to bunk with those hounds!! Buy plenty of flea powder!

As far as dog food goes ... a neighbor buys the 1000 pound totes of bulk food ..... says he'd split some with me .... he does this with other friends ..... says the price is WAY down on name brand dog grub. I have only one dog right now ... a retired Aussie so I have not got with him yet to try some.

You might nose around on this ..... maybe somebody in your area is doing this and wondering who to split some of it with?


Three 44s

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