we have a kill quota here on muddy mountain it is 28 lions and a year round season. the quota never gets filled.
other areas in the state the season runs 1st Sept threw march 15th.
i got a better look at them today the male isn't as fat as i thought maybe 10 lbs over the female looks better they call her a walker but she is black and tan with the build of a walker i think she is a cross breed. she looks much better then i thought she would with new puppies. i expected her to be a little over weight but she is slim and has a good build she is smaller than the male.
i really think both need a better dog food is there only problem i saw a bag of old Roy dog food. if they would get some higher quality food their coats would look better.
they would also crap less and generally feel better.
i was impressed as to how well they behaved, sit stay and heal were second nature to them and even with all the other dogs barking and raising cain they never made a sound.
the bad news is my wife is fighting me on them.

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