wow just went over and looked at the male. if he ever hunted he hasn't for a while he is fat. the people were not out of bed so i didn't get a look at the female.
I'll do more checking them out before i agree to take them.
the females puppies are only 4 days old so i got time to think it out.
the male seemed better behaved than i expected he didn't bark and a three yr old boy with no cloths on was able to handle him on a leash.
wow i don't know how people live with that many dogs they raise Chesapeake's, poodles and some other little dog. like 10 dogs in their trailer house. i don't think i could go in the house without gaging.
i know those dogs need a new home and better living conditions i may take them just to give them that. the little boy needs that too. i was totally disgusted.
i use to raise Samoyed's and had 5 adults they never had to live in squaller like that. it was a chore they all had to be brushed daily and you can full a 55 gallon barrel with hair every time. it was a lot of work but they sure turned heads they are the prettiest dog out there. all the chicks dig them. i could go into a store and when i came out there would be girls flocked around my truck. didn't do me any good though i was married. my male was well known around Cheyenne everyone knew him as he rode in the truck all the time and when parked he sat on top of the cab. the weather lady even came and did a weather forecast on the news with him.
do black and tans look fat normally i was surprised to see a three year old dog that looked ten? i don't think these dogs have been exercised properly as of lately the people who have them right now i know have never hunted them and i think they have had them for over a year it was a year and three months ago when rob had his heart attack so these jokers have had them that long.

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