i have a chance to pick up two lion hounds one is a walker the male is a black and tan.
i have always wanted hounds but don't really know that much about hunting with hounds.
my wife said I'd have to clean up after them and the daughter said flat out no.
two hounds for a battle with the women in my life. what do you think is it worth the fight?
Tammy said they can't be in the house but i told her yes they can one on each side of my recliner. autumn said no they slobber i told her I'd let them in her room to wake her in the mornings. then she said no dog hair on her clothes so i guess i can stop buying her clothes then they wont get dog hair on them.
the owner had a heart attack he use to outfit for lions and can't now. i can't pick them up tell the walkers pups are weened.
what do you guys think? the wife doesn't give me any anyhow and autumn will do whatever i tell her no about this would get me even.

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