i have notice there seems to be a lot of new guys that have started reloading.i think we should let these guys know a few things to keep them safe.here are a few things that i have come up with. 1. always wear eye protection. 2.for you guys that are loading thier on pills right now during the cold months beware with some powders these loads are fine during the winter and cold months but during the hot months they can blow up in your face.i have seen this happen at our local gun range.thank the lord nobody got hurt.i mean there was chunks of the gun missing that could not be found.if you are pushing max loads during the winter do not shoot these during the summer.work some more loads up and pay close attention to the pressure signs.my self if i am using powders that are not extream powders (BL-C2) i try to find a load in the middle so i can use it year round.even at that you will not believe how these loads can change during the summer months.i work up most of my loads during the cold months because it dosent take long for barrell to cool.i am sure there will be a lot added to this but this is a good start.one of my fav sayings.a young man that rolls his own bullets wont be rolling nothing else.i have raised 3 boys and one nephew that proves this right.

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