Deer driving techniques for coyote hunting. I have not personally practiced this technique specifically for coyotes but we have great luck seeing coyotes during deer season as well as fall turkey season when trying to bust up flocks of turkeys. Basically the geography of New York State is rolling hills with logging roads or power lines cutting through them vertically. We use 6 or 8 guys to push/drive staring at an open powerline/logging road following the side of the hill and 6 to 8 guys to watch at an opposing power line/logging road. Here in Steuben county New York we are limited to Shotgun "slugs" only during deer season. I personally believe most people who practice this would be most effective/safest with shotguns loaded with #4 Buck even though rifle is an option for coyotes. Although we didn't see many coyotes this year during deer season last year we had a drive that pushed 6 coyotes nose to tail right to one of the watchers and another drive that pushed 3. Mind you both these drives were in less than 20 acres of land.

So how many northeasterns are using this technique and what is your kill ratio?