I am pleased to announce that we are now offering these decoys for sale.

The rabbit and the coyote decoys are extremely light and easy to carry. They are made of durable foam and hand carved and painted.

The rabbit has a geared motor for rotating the head. This gives it a realistic looking motion that is sure to attract the predators attention. It runs off a single D cell battery. The batteries life is around 60 hours of run time, far greater than any other decoy we know of.
They are available in various realistic paint schemes to simulate the breed of rabbits you have in the areas you hunt. They are also available with varying leg heights. This allows you to choose a shorter model for hunting in lower cover or long legs for taller grass or brushy areas.

The coyote weighs a mere 1-3/4 pounds, making it very easy to transport into the field with you. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with a prey species decoy such as our rabbit. You can use it while using hand calls or an electronic caller can be placed near it to attract the predators attention away from you and to the decoy. In testing this model, an electronic call was placed between it legs on the base. This proved a very effective way to hide the call as well as draw the predators attention away from the hunter.

There will be other models forthcoming.

Lee Smith

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