I have heard about cougar sightings for years.Some were from state forest workers,hunters,and others,including my son.I still have a hard time believing it.I have seen tracks that some would have taken for cougars.I personaly believe large bobcats are mistaken for cougars.Some really large bobcats can go 70lbs.or more.I think when some of these people see a large bobcat,they are so excited that they don't pay attention to detail,and will swear they seen a cougar.
I won't say they didn't see what they said,they seen,but i'm skeptical.
Why hasn't a half million hunters or so,killed one in deer season? Then there is bear season and small game,no mountain lions have been killed?
There is no way,that i will believe it,unless i see it.I have hunted this state,east,west,north and south for 45 years and never seen any sign of a cougar.If one is out there,i sure would like to see him,and i'm not talking about one that got loose from a pen.