Response to Cougar Story Overwhelming

Webb Weekly would like to thank our readers for the overwhelming response to our cover story in last week’s issue —‘Cougars, Are They Here?’
The article written by Webb Weekly correspondent China Neal reported upon the controversy of whether or not native cougars exist in Pennsylvania.
It prompted an unbelievable number of phone calls and e-mails from all over the state.

The response to our cougar coverage was overwhelming.

Quite a number of the responders were complimenting China Neal for a very well written article. In addition, we were surprised by the number of people claiming to have sighted a cougar in Central Pennsylvania.
Since this seems to be a very popular subject, keep your attention on future issues of Webb Weekly for further discussion. The author has promised to revisit the subject and several others noted they’d like to write on the subject, as well — both pro and con.
If you have information concerning a possible cougar sighting, tracks or any other evidence, please contact Dr. Dennis Wydra at the Pennsylvania Mountain Lion Research Project at 570-672-7278 or e-mail at dwydra
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