i dont mind a little bit of music, especially around the intro/outro of videos.

even a little bit of suspense building audio during the video.

but for the love of all things holy, be subtle & keep your personal music tastes overdubbing @ 137dB the h#ll off my computer/phone.

i dont need Flight of the Valkyries or Whiskey in the Jar screaming out of my speakers, turned up to explode, to enjoy a good hunting video. dont get me wrong, i like both of those tracks and im not picking on them specifically, but there's a time and place and all that.

i would much rather hear the sounds of nature - as long as your mic isnt all wind noise anyway - as well as the sounds of the shot going off and the hit happening .

seriously - this is not spinal tap, stop treating your videos like it is! worry more about actual hunting content than cranking up your favorite background audio to make up for it lol lol
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