My 2nd 243 upper finally got its own lower. I also switched out the leupold 4.5-14 target optic off my POF to a black optic. The POF has taken alot of yotes so its now time to brake the AR10 243s in. Both 243s have single stage CMC 2.5 pound single stage triggers and 4.5-15 Nikon Pro staff 5s with BDC reticles. That reticle style works pretty slick for quick aiming.

The gun on the left is a 22 stainless heavy fluted 22 243 BCA upper with an Areo M5 lower. I removed the brake. The middle is a 20 BCA 243 upper also with an M5 lower. Both with CMC 2.5 pound triggers and Nikon 4.5-14 BDCs. Ive only tried 55 grain Nosler ballistic tips and 60 grain Seirra hollow points out of each gun. Both with shoot .3s with the correct powder charge. Im sure heavier bullets will do better out of both guns. The POF has a Timney 3 pound trigger and also a Nikon 4.5-14 BDC optic. It also has a delta point hanging off the side of the optic. It will shoot .3s at 200 yards with a 60 grain Vmax and 25 grains of benchmark. The POF shoots better but should for 5 times the price of one of the complete 243 BCA set ups.

I liked the look of the old target optic on the POF but it was pretty foggy. Old technology glass with a plain old crosshair. I sold it off for 6 bills years back to pay for one complete 243 build and had money left over.

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