I've been running into a number of coyote carcasses piled up at the entrances to hunting areas. I've seen coyotes strung up at ranch entrances that I assume were to let the rancher know that you've done your job. Theses piles are at the junction of paved roads and access to public lands. I've come across three of these piles of 3-4 coyotes.

I've always tried to drag my coyotes out of sight if they aren't skinnable or drag the carcass less pelt out of sight if they are. I will say the critters eliminate them much faster when the pelt is off them most of the unskinned ones stay visible for a long time.

Any reason to stack dead coyotes out for the world to see.
After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

Heaven has rules and walls, He-l has open borders