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204 ar what model of icotec did you buy and what did you not like about it

I got the Nightstalker, a lot of people really like it so maybe I got a dud. From my research, it's the same amp and speaker as the outlaw and sabre, the sabre won't play 2 sounds at once, while the other 2 will.

I didn't like the remote layout, or the fact the sounds aren't in folders so you scroll through the whole list. I couldn't figure out which button to push first in the dark so that it would wake up. Some woke it up and some didn't. At least on the Revolt, there is a main center button that's easy to feel, and all of the buttons will wake it up I think. There's also no instant favorites except for the coax button, which is preset on half volume, so having a stopping sound saved, or an after shooting sound saved and available with one click isn't feasable.

I didn't like the sounds I listened to or played on stand. Very short loops and they just sounded weird to me.

I didn't like the volume, not even close to my Revolt when I want to crank it up.

I didn't like the clarity, it was awful, worst I've ever heard.

I didn't like that you have to take the battery pack out to charge it.

Other than that, it was great lol.

I did like that the remote was instantly on and connected when you flip the switch. That's a negative on the Revolt, it takes 20 or 30 seconds to fire up and look for 3 extra calls that nobody uses. Dumb feature.

I will add, I used a LD battery pack from the Revolt, it plugs right in to the Icotec. Both calls use 10 battery trays, so it should be correct and the Icotec battery pack looks just like the LD. But maybe? the bad sound was a voltage issue? I'm betting I got a not so good one because some guys I trust on here use them with very good results and speak highly of them. But I didn't think I could get past the other negatives imo.
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