I've used a few different Beretta over unders for mostly chicken hunting around here for many years now, but never owned an auto loader of any sort. A friend had me order him some 1301 Tactical models. After him telling me about them I did some research on them and decided I'd like to give the 21" Comp model that's more or less the same gun but with a tad longer barrel and standard rib and bead a try as a pack gun for calling thick stuff on long hauls in. I don't like the stocks they use on the 1301, but noticed they went to a different more traditional style stock on the 7+1 enhanced tactical model. That stock appears to be the A300 Outlander stock, and it's available on Beretta's site. I sent their tech support a note about compatibility but haven't heard back, and who knows how long it may be. They have a note up that they're installing a new phone system and training new people, and making it clear tech support will be hit and miss for awhile. Does anyone know about swapping stocks around between the A300 and 1301?

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