I've gotten to where I'd rather shoot 55 grain softpoints over just about anything for coyotes. I've had problems killing coyotes in the past that were running straight away. Softpoints will penetrate into vitals better at that angle. One of the last coyotes I shot was quartered to me and I hit him behind the shoulder. The bullet exited its belly and hit its right rear leg.

They exit a lot of the time and you'll occasionally hit one in the shoulder and blow a huge chunk out of it (splash) but I don't lose one but every so often due to that. Hitting them high in the shoulder can cause that to happen. I shot over 50 coyotes in 2021 with my .223 using a 55 grain softpoint and lost 0 and only had to shoot a few more than once. Shot a few with the same bullet in my 22-250 and again lost none. I'd rather stitch up a pelt than lose one.
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