I still beg to differ on “handicap to any rifle”.

My Nosler BTs, I can shoot a coyote with my AI and my Swift both.. No exit, tiny entry.

I can turn around and shoot a deer with the same bullet, No exit. Insides turned to soup on both.

My 220 Swift, I shoot factory Federals with the 40gr Nosler BT.. I’ve shot both those animals, multiple times, on the same day, and never had a problem. So I guess I don’t see it.

I don’t care if you shoot a 17rem, or a 223, or 300 win mag.. sooner or later you ARE going to blow a hole in something. It just happens. That doesn’t mean they’re “garbage”
Austin Laughlin - Laughlin Guide Service - Missouri

Speed Kills

Rem700 - 223AI
M77 - 220 Swift
Rem700 - 204 AI
CZ527 - 17 rem
Rem700 - 243AI