I don’t know if it’s like this for everybody, prolly not..

But I get so wrapped up in hunting coyotes, mentally, that if I have a 2-3 day dry spell.. My minds going 200mph at that point trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong or what’s going on.

So today, it was dang cold here. Went from short sleeve weather yesterday to 10 degrees with the wind chill, wind somewhere in fhe 15-20mph gusts. The warmer days we just had made the calling tough in my part of the country. So I took advantage today and went back to my roots of where it all started for me.

Got deep into the thickest cedar glade I could find, had to crawl in some spots it was so gnarly, and brought nothing in but my shotgun and my AP6 handcall. Left the Foxpro in the truck.

3 stands. 4 coyotes. Lord have mercy was it good to take a breath and get my head back in the game.

I wish I knew how to post photos on here from my phone, I’m still struggling with that lol but it was a good day nonetheless!

Y’all ever do something similar? Or am I just an odd duck.. Lol

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