You think between people off work with Covid and 8.4 million new gun owners just last year alone might have anything to do with it? Remington being shut down didn't help either. It looks like 223 ammo is getting easier to find these days and prices are coming back down. That might be a good reason 223 rifles are harder to find and they are cheaper to shoot than a large caliber rifle. The market is flooded with AR 15's. Last show I went to they were on every table and not moving. Not everyone wants an AR 15 and a crap load of people already have one or more. Not everything has to be blamed on politics. I think there are lots more reasons we are seeing a shortage. Granted, I don't know the answer but I think it will settle down before to long. How long is before to long? I don't know that either. I also think we have done a lot of this to ourselves. As long as people are asking stupid prices and WE keep paying it, then WE have no one to blame but ourselves. If a guy can buy a rifle for $300-$400 dollars and sell it for $800 or more, he's gonna keep on doing it. Stop paying stupid prices!!!

Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.