The first coyote I shot with it was around 125 yards. Believe it or not that little bullet passed through the ribs and exited on a broadside shot. I don't know if I threaded it between ribs or what but it ran a little ways and died. I've shot some with it since with body shots and haven't lost one. They've all ran but they were all lung shots so they didn't go far at all. It's a potent little round. The one I use is my buddies and I think I've killed more stuff with it than he has probably. I know I've shot more larger animals with it than he has for sure. Shot a grey fox with it once and a beaver and a few armadillos and skunks. And prairie dogs and whatnot. Haven't lost anything I've shot with it. In my opinion inside 100 yards it's a heck of a coyote cartridge. From what I've seen I don't doubt it'll kill one out to 150. And although I've only shot one fox with it I have to say it's about as good of a fox cartridge as you can ask for. I shot mine on the run at 60 yards as it was quartered to me and it dropped instantly. It's not rough on fur at all but will put those smaller animals down on the spot.

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