Iíve shot Nosler, Berger, Barnes, Hornady, and Sierra at coyotes out of my 223AI and my swift both. Iím a nosler fan by choice. But if youíre not reloading, a 53gr and 55gr Vmax have done well for me. Iíve never heard anyone call them garbage.

I can promise you, just about any BT or HP bullet will eventually tear a hole. You canít always get the perfect shot, thatís obvious. But Iíve hunted coyotes with the best of them, and Iíve seen plenty of bullets blow holes in fur. It just happens.
Austin Laughlin - Laughlin Guide Service - Missouri

Speed Kills

Rem700 - 223AI
M77 - 220 Swift
Rem700 - 204 AI
CZ527 - 17 rem
Rem700 - 243AI