I'm looking for a good thermal to mount to my two main rifles, an SR-15 (5.56) and SR-25 (7.62x51). I am strongly biased towards a Super Hogster or Super Yoter based on previous research before COVID craziness knocked the wheels off my wagon. I would consider other company options but not FLIR. An over $5K purchase isn't likely unless things have changed significantly or, there is a new "sweet spot" these days. $8K~$10K options are extremely unlikely at this point in time.

My primary targets are "hogs and dogs" at 200 yards around nursing cows and deer/fawns. My property doesn't have beavers but, my friend would be thrilled if I could shoot those vermin destroying his trees at up to 400 yards. General surveillance at close range would be nice while looking for critters at the house (kittens, possums, raccoons, etc.) but, that is a distant secondary request.

For general surveillance, I am apt to get a PVS-14 Gen 3/3+ unit but, that is a low priority. Doing the thermal surveillance and NV scope options isn't likely as I have too much light pollution to make that a viable solution.

What is the price and availability like these days for the Super Hogster and Super Yoter? Who are the better vendors these days to buy from and support?