Reticle will not adjust in any smaller increments that around 1.25" at 100 yards despite adjusting at 4x. Coordinates numerically adjust as they should but poi moves from one side of a small handwarmer folded in half to the other in one click at 4x.
My partners was .75" high and maybe a quarter right when we zeroed it in the cold the other night and after my issues I had him shoot it and it was just off the hand warmer low right. His is tracking like mine as well.
I'm very disappointed. Bering told me to tighten the LaRue mount until it was very hard to cam over. The rifles shoot great groups but won't track when zeroing and his for sure shifted. I'd say they will be going back to Bering.
My 2nd Trail xp50 2 lrf will be here Tuesday. The 1st one I received as a replacement for my first version was junk. It had a horrible image, dead pixel, lrf wouldn't work consistently and it had a poi shift. They deamed it irreparable. I'm not thrilled to say the least.
I think between my partner and I we have had 8 or 9 units and not a one has been right.
I gotta ask how often do you guys check your poi or do you zero and worry about other things lol.
Scratch that 9 or 10 units, I forgot about the xd38a it was solid.

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