Having a bullet that performs well at 500 yards and not risk blowing big holes at 50 yards is something that I haven't been able to find. You will have to compromise on either close range or long range performance. If the 88gr eldm shoot well I would still use it on windy days or stands that I was likely to shoot more than 200 yards. I'll shoot my 223's at 500-600 yards for fun but know I'm not good enough to shoot the small (40-50gr) 223 bullets 500 yards at coyotes in 10 mph+ winds. I'm just not good enough to judge the wind drift. A coyote at 400 yards with a 10mph cross wind is in real trouble if have time to set up with a high ballistic coefficient bullet.

Most of the time I compromise long range performance and use a smaller bullet. I don't go out trying to take long shots at coyotes when I'm calling them. If I think I can get a 50 yard shot, I'll let them continue to come in. Occasionally I'll take long shots on coyotes at 300+ yards but most of the time I take my chance of being able to call them in closer instead of taking a long shot.