Iím just getting into coyote hunting and I have two guns that Iím thinking of using. Both are 22 caliber. The first is a Remington 700 custom 223 1-8Ē twist with a 20Ē barrel. The second is a Remington 700 custom 22 creedmoor with a 20Ē 1-8Ē twist barrel. I have been shooting the 88gr eldm out of my 22 creedmoor and Iím worried it might blow out a big exit hole? Iíve been loading 50gr varmagedon bullets in the 223 for prairie dogs. I want the longest effective range possible but I also want to save as much hide as possible. Is there a good bullet that is proven to not ruin hides? Itís not exactly the best time to find ammo or components but I want to be able to keep a look out for what works best.