I totally removed the scope, rings and bases and used Wheelers fat wrench to torque them back down. I torqued the action screws to 35in lbs. the gun doesnít shoot any better with just muzzle break on. I can try a different scope to rule that out. I also am waiting on barrel vice to remove the muzzle brake and then shoot the gun to see if it will group without anything on it. This is very frustrating to go thru all the trouble and have this to happen.

My wife and I are in the process of moving to our last home and slowing things down a bit. Im stuck between a rent house and building a new home. All of my reloading equipment is boxed up. Will try all things mentioned but can these cans be totally worthless?

This is why at this point Iím not naming the manufacturer because I donít want to hurt someoneís business if itís my fault. I will figure it out but can a supressor be totally worthless and how do I figure out it is?

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