I purchased my can a couple years ago and like most people I waited close to a year. When I actually got it out of jail I had already purchased a browning 308 xbolt 20”barrel. that was threaded. I was shooting 1.5” at 200 yds with this gun from factory. Put the muzzle brake on with can and groups went down the tubes and all over the paper. I contacted the manufacturer and they wanted the barreled action and can which I sent them. They kept it for 10 months and after a couple phone calls told me there was no problem with threads and all checked out. They said I could have tightened the muzzle brake down a little tighter. So fast forward to this week and it’s no better and now I can’t get the muzzle brake off. I ordered a barrel vice to help with the removal. When I get the muzzle brake off if the gun goes back to grouping what do I need to do? Im talking 10” groups out of 3 different types of ammo with can on. The ammo I got 1.5” groups out of was HSM 168 gr Berger vld and I’m down to 8 shells. So I definitely can see if gun will group again with can and qd off.

I don’t have any experience with cans so what do you guys think?