I PREFER to take a lightweight rifle and a set of lightweight full height 3 legged shooting sticks and take off walking for miles. Problem is, then I have to walk back. I used to keep stuff to eat and drink stashed in springs along the way when I was younger but don't go enough for that anymore. I always just wore clothes that were tough enough to last making quick ground nests, but now my back gives me fits and my entire lower body goes to sleep on me in just a few minutes sitting on the ground, and I'm not even 50 yet. The low profile turkey chairs are great, but for the way I like to hunt it's just a pain to haul it all. I've started using a backpack and taking something drivable to where I plan to end if I can't make a circle back to home work. That backpack full of stuff is nice to have all except for the part where you have to carry it the whole way.