The other day, I was sitting on my deer stand with my 22 magnum. This was one of those evenings, where I was just sitting in the woods with a gun in case a coyote showed up. I have never seen a bobcat on our property, so you can imagine my surprise to see a young bobcat strutting by my stand with a small rabbit in his mouth. When he got about 10 yards from me, he went slack jaw and realized he had screwed up. He froze in position and the rabbit slowly dropped out of his mouth. I was expecting a mad sprint, but instead he went into super slow mode. He took 3 minutes to move 5 yards back the way he came. He finally dove behind a stump, but had to peek at me before returning the way he came from. Though I have always wanted a bobcat mount, I let this one walk. The cat was young and I can't afford a mount right now, with a kid in college. My question is about the rabbit. I think his den was about 50 yards from my stand. Do you think he came back for his dinner, or just abandoned it to avoid another conflict?