I'm down to waiting on the rifle length gas tube and ASC 6.8 mags to show up this week before my 22 Nosler build is all done. I picked up a 18" Rainier Ultra Match barrel and Rainier adjustable gas block. This will hopefully be my night coyote gun with the Super Hogster on it.

I also got a 6.8 bolt head and 500 pcs of the 6mm Hagar brass to neck down. I am hoping that will help pick up a bit more velocity over the regular 22N brass and maybe last a bit longer. Really though I'll be hunting in snow most of the time so the brass will probably be lost at that point anyways.

Hopefully I can get the 52gr. Berger Varmint Match HP to shoot, that's what I would prefer to run. Otherwise I have all different kinds of Vmax, SP and SPSX to try from 40gr to 60gr plus some 62gr Varmageddon that shoot really well in my regular .223.

For some break in loads I made up 5 each of 50gr. HDY SP with H4895 at 29, 29.5, 30 and 30.3. We'll see how those look and go from there. I don't have CFE223, but do have a few lb of 8208XBR and plenty of Varget and others to try too if needed.

Any other pointers from the folks that are running the 22 Nosler or Nosgar and reloading for it?