Hello all,

Iím in the market for a dog and would like a good all around predator dog. Specifically looking for a Stryker bred cur from the Fry family. Iíve always heard good things about Darrill Fryís dogs and others in his family. I used to hear more about them but after bear hunting with dogs was outlawed in CA and now bobcat hunting is illegal I wonder if they moved on to better places. I grew up right next door (relatively speaking) to some of the Fryís but never knew them personally.

Anyone know if they are still hunting and breeding? Or how to get ahold of them?

Iím currently dogless but already have a deposit on a dog of a different variety (Deutsch Drahthaar) but one dog is never enough.

Iíd like a dog I can hunt gray fox and coon with and eventually use out-of-state (canít wait to move from this state) for bobcat/lion. Also want to use the dog when calling coyotes.

Interested in other breeders of proven Mtn. Curs in the West.