I have a question for those of you who use TAC.

I figured out that TAC is temp sensitive through testing, shooting, and hunting over the last two years.

Here is my .223/556 load:

Below 60 degrees: 24.1 gr TAC + 68bthp.

Above 60 degrees: 23.5gr TAC + 68bthp.

The hotter it gets, the more the 23.5 gr load tightens up.

Now, I just found a .223 load for a 55gr Vmax that is 23.8 gr. I tested it at 79 degrees. It will be months before I can find myself in less than 60 degree weather.

Based on the data above, is 6/10ths of a grain the rule of thumb for adjusting my winter/summer loads?

Any sound input is appreciated.

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