I shot a lot of it with 40 grainers, mostly V-Max at 27.4, 22" barrel with velocity around 3,500 fps, and very accurate in a 223 bolt action. Also shot a lot of 50 grainers (mostly V-Max again) in same rifle at 26.2 grains also velocity about 3,300 fps and very accurate, but not quite as fast as Benchmark at 26.5 grains.

In another 223 bolt-action (Savage model 12) with 26 inch barrel I shot a lot of it with 40 V-Max again mostly and some 40 Varmageddons at 27.3 grains. Velocity running about 3,750 and also very accurate again with some in .2, .3, and lots under .5 moa.

Currently shooting it in a 16" AR suppressed with 50 V-Max and 50 Speer TNT's at 26.6 grains and about 3,200 fps. Has not shown any pressure issue, but haven't shot it in hot weather. That is my coyote load. These loads have been safe in (my guns), and not recommending that anyone using this powder not do their own work-ups.

Sorry can't help with the 223AI loading, but gives you an idea of what has worked in 223.
Glow Bull Warming:
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