I just got back from Caballo and had a blast with the bow. Water is very low and all the areas that used to have vegetation are dry , even my campsite would have been under water last spring. Instead of being in the shallows they were in the rocks along the shore. I did kill six for the smoker and ended up breaking three arrow tips but had a blast, I got back and ordered a dozen replacements and six more arrows for the bow, surprisingly the 6 for $40 arrow worked just as well as the $20/each arrow. I remove the safety slides anyway.

The bow worked great, and I love the Muzzy reel, it really speeds things up. All in all it was a great investment. I'm really shocked at how the price increased in two month, nearly up 1/3.

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After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

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